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Contact Details

ACSR Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
No. 14, Jalan Damai 2
Desa Damai Sg. Merab
43000 Kajang

Telephone: +603 8925 6901

Fax: +603 8925 4380

Website: http://www.my-acsrm.com

Company Profile

ACS Registrar’s reputation for excellence is maintained by an independent Impartiality Committee, appointed to monitor all aspects of business activity. The Impartiality Committee all have many years experience in their individual spheres of enterprise, enabling them to guarantee consistently high standards and integrity for ACS Registrars.

ACS Registrars is fully aware of the constraints and pressures an organisation can be subjected to, and understands that any formal system and controls adopted must be flexible and responsive to the growth and development of a business.

In the firm belief that the audit and certification process should be conducted in a spirit of partnership and openness with the client, ACS Registrars has established a set of guiding principles, which is applied throughout the relationship:

- We listen to our clients and respect their views and opinions.
- We are professional in our actions at all times, whilst remaining flexible and fair in our approach.
- Never promise something we cannot deliver.
- Respect and maintain client confidentiality at all times.
- We work in partnership with our clients to promote the concept of continuous improvement in all aspects of their business.

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