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Contact Details

Marcin Sztajerski
41-710 Ruda Slaska

Telephone: +48 0691 699 889

Website: http://www.globalcertification.co.uk

Company Profile

The Global Group has a resource of more than 500 personnel spread throughout the world. The personnel are made up from engineers, technician, inspectors, auditors, trainers and specialists.

The Global Group does not receive funding from the government or any other source. Our income comes from client fees alone. This dependence on the market ensures our fees are competitively priced and our service attractive.

The Global Group’s senior management are also qualified lead auditors who have extensive practical QA experience from careers in industry. This gives an in-depth knowledge of the problems industry faces and client assessment demands.

The Global Group has an extensive international presence but have a policy to ensure that local needs and culture is understood and that our service is not restricted to a manager thousands of kilometres away.

The Global Group are forward thinking. Our approach to the market and client service is a modern one. Our on line systems ensure that bureaucracy is kept to a minimum thus reducing the possibility of mistakes and ensuring turnaround of certificates is efficient.

The Global Group, being self-financing, we depend on our clients. We understand their needs & feelings and welcome their comments. Client feedback is also integrated into our business planning systems and procedures.

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