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Plaza Gala Placidia
1 - 3, escala A
14 1a

Telephone: +2921190

Website: http://www.rina.org

Company Profile

RINA is a young company with a long history - long, because in 2011 it celebrates its 150th anniversary, but young, because almost all its employees are under forty years of age. The group’s aim in 2010 was to position RINA to harness the energy of this young and active workforce more effectively and to direct the company’s activities to industrial sectors and geographical areas where RINA can grow.

Turnover growth continued in 2010 and margins were maintained. Human capital, the real resource of RINA, grew in terms of numbers to 1,438 staff. And it grew in international expertise, as those staff now represent forty-six different nationalities, and over 60 per cent are graduates. Those staff were close to their clients, in 120 offices in 42 countries, including several new countries during 2010.

Practising what it delivers to clients, RINA has put in place a three-year integrated QHSEA (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Administrative responsibility) scheme which will set and implement global safety and quality standards. Moving to BS OHSA 18001 and ISO 14001 standards, RINA has a series of programmes in place to embed the right cultural values across its multinational staff. The whole Group has to be thinking green, thinking safety, thinking quality and thinking customer care.

In today’s increasingly more attentive and demanding market, the certification procedure, in which a third party gives written assurance that a product/service of an organisation complies with specified requirements, is a tool of great economic and social utility. Certification, in fact, has a dual purpose: firstly, it allows consumers to choose on the basis of objective parameters and to facilitate their purchase decisions, and secondly, it helps certified organisations to use shared and unified reference standards in order to rationalise and simplify their activities and to add value to their overall activities.

The strategic importance of certification lies in the fact that it maximises the commitment of an organisation and protects it from unqualified competition.

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