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Contact Details

211, 5th Floor
Shivkrupa Comm
Centre off Gokhale Road
400 602

Telephone: +91 22 25376770

Fax: +91 22 25426777

Website: http://www.velosi.com

Company Profile

The VELOSI Group, founded in 1982, provides Asset Integrity, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Engineering services to a number of leading national and multinational oil and gas companies, including BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, ADNOC, PETRONAS, PetroBras, ONGC, and Chevron. The Velosi Group operates globally through five regional headquarters in the USA, the UK, Malaysia, South Africa, and the UAE and has 63 offices in 36 countries worldwide.

From Quality Assurance to Quality Control, from Inspection to Legislative Certification. One of the strengths of our approach is that we offer a truly global service while still being able to meet local needs. Velosi is able to achieve this because we operate in all the world’s major markets, both established and emerging.

This makes it easy to tap into our network from your local office and receive the high level of service you need. Our approach removes the problems faced by companies trying to control operations remotely, in unfamiliar territories. You benefit from our local knowledge and experience. Our offices are conversant with the local customs, laws and practices which allows us to help you achieve your goals more effectively.

Combine our global coverage and local knowledge with our wide range of services and you can be sure of a tailored solution to your problem. Our range of inter-related services and modular methodology ensures that both simple and complex projects can be accommodated.

By stripping away unnecessary bureaucracy, we are able to provide all companies, from multinationals to small local businesses, with the highest levels of commitment and personal service.

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